Online Courses: Medical Qigong Training - Acupuncture & Massage CEUs

Want to amplify the success of your professional practice, while at the same time promote your own health and well-being and earning 15 CEUs? Qigong Awareness offers three online Medical Qigong courses that do just that.

In our first online course Alchemizing Stress and Restoring Balance. you will learn self healing practices to: reduce stress, lower blood pressure, alleviate headaches and/or migraines, reduce inflammation associated with chronic fatigue, help balance the thyroid gland, alleviate back pain and reduce inflammation associated with fibromyalgia. These teachings can bring another dimension to your healing practice that can exponentially increase your patient’s healing results.

In our second online course Medical Qigong Intensive: The Ultimate Mind Body Medicine you will learn how to cultivate greater awareness combined with the power of intention. Quantum physicists are scientifically demonstrating that everything is made up of energy and that with our minds we have the power to influence it. In this workshop you will learn vital tools and exercises for invoking profound healing of mind, body and spirit.

In our third online course Medical Qigong Intensive: Reducing Acute & Chronic Inflammation you will learn Qigong Exercises and Medical Qigong Treatment Techniques to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is a hot topic these days. Many scientists and medical researchers are convinced that all forms of chronic dis-ease are either associated with or caused by inflammation.

NOTE: Once you purchase one of these "products" you will be given access to the online course via an email with login information. This email usually arrives shortly after purchase. Feel free to contact us at if you do not receive the login email shortly after purchase. 

Our courses are approved for 15 PDA Points approved by NCCAOM* for Acupuncturists, 15 CEU Units approved by California Acupuncture Board – Category 1 for Acupuncturists Licensed in California and 15 CEU Units approved by Florida Acupuncture Board – CE Broker Approved Provider: # 50-18015. 15 CAE Units approved by Texas Medical Board. FL Massage Board approved. Several states have reciprocity with NCCAOM for Massage Therapists to receive 15 CEUs.