New! Online 15 Unit CEU Course: Medical Qigong Intensive: Reducing Acute & Chronic Inflammation - Acupuncture & Massage CEUs

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Medical Qigong Intensive: Reducing Acute & Chronic Inflammation - Online CEU Course

This Online Course is for Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Lay People, and Professionals. 

This Online Course is approved for 15 PDA Points approved by NCCAOM* for Acupuncturists, 15 CEU Units approved by Florida Acupuncture Board: CE Broker # 50-18015 and 15 CEU Units approved by California Acupuncture Board: CA Provider #1156 – Category 1 for Acupuncturists Licensed in California. 15 CAE Units approved by Texas Medical Board - pending.

15 CEU Units approved by Florida Board of Massage Therapy, CE Broker # 50-18015. Several states have reciprocity with NCCAOM providing 15 CEUs for Massage Therapists.

This online Medical Qigong Intensive for Reducing Acute & Chronic Inflammation was filmed in Wilmington, NC. Learn to cultivate Qi and direct this Qi for profound healing for your clients and self. Learn a wealth of new Medical Qigong Exercises & Medical Qigong Healing Techniques to treat many common ailments which you will be able to directly incorporate into your private practice. Learn Medical Qigong Techniques for your clients for reducing acute and chronic inflammation. These teachings can bring another dimension to your treatments that will exponentially increase your patients healing results.

Learn Medical Qigong Exercises & Treatment Techniques

  1. Learn the 5 common causes of inflammation.
  2. Learn to identify the chakra centers and their associated endocrine glands.
  3. Learn Medical Qigong Treatment Techniques 1-5 to reduce inflammation.
  4. Learn which exercises most benefit the following conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, insomnia or fatigue...
  5. Learn Medical Qigong Exercises 1-12 to reduce inflammation.
  6. Learn the two major types of hormones in the human body.
  7. Learn Practitioner Clearing Techniques 1-7.

Inflammation is a hot topic these days. Many scientists and medical researchers are convinced that all forms of chronic dis-ease are either associated with or caused by inflammation. This course is a must for practitioners and lay people! 

Once you purchase this "product" you will be emailed a link to access the course.

There is one ten question true/false exam that you must receive at least a 70% to pass. You may take multiple times if necessary. There is also an ungraded worksheet.

*NCCAOM is the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.  We here at Qigong Awareness offer 15 PDA Points approved by NCCAOM in Core Competency in the AOM-BIO Category.  This is the main area for continuing education requirements, each four year renewal period, by the NCCAOM.  

Please Note: This Course must be completed in 60 Days. If it is not completed in 60 Days you may purchase an extension for another $35.00

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"After completing a case of treating piriformis sciatica I decided to do Qigong washing and healing hands to the hip which was the perfect compliment to the treatment. From only about 2 minutes of Medical Qigong work the patient felt a "wow" sensation and further relief of pain."

I'm jazzed!

Brandon Weinreb, LAc - Bend, Oregon


“I always enjoy the Qigong classes from Qigong Awareness because I know that they help improve me as a practitioner and I gain new tools to assist my patients.”

Chantaal Lebay L.Ac Flowery Branch, Ga


“Great Course! Your teachings sincerely resonated with me. The meditations were absolutely fabulous and were so satisfying to my being. David helped to make these exercises accessible during the course, while allowing enough practice time to also incorporate these into my daily life. Even after one weekend I feel invigorated and inspired. I am full-heartedly looking forward to furthing my Qi Gong practices.”

Lynette Jordan Teacher, Dipl. OM Roswell, NM


“The highlight of this course for me was expanding my knowledge of Qigong and learning more tools to use in my massage practice. I truly believe this will take my clients healing process to a whole new level. Also experiencing the blissful sensations of energy moving through my body. Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to taking a live intensive in the near future!”

Nicole Hurley, LMT, Elgin, IL


"I am both encouraged and inspired by your work, your approach and your way of thinking about and weaving together so many aspects of this art and work! You have a way of presenting complicated information and relationships that makes it comprehensible! Thank you so much for preparing and presenting this workshop.... and for all the work you have done in order to be able to create it."

Joan Weisberg, LMT - Illinois


"I have been practicing Qigong locally in Switzerland for about three years, but I took the online intensive with Qigong Awareness because I had already been using the short videos of David’s explaining various extremely useful movements and their benefits. I work as a private Mental Health Counselor and Life Coach. My intention is to help my clients with a variety of techniques. It happened so that I had a few clients with burnout, high levels of stress and fatigue, and I’d successfully introduced some of the movements that I learned from David already on youtube. I knew I needed to learn more from him, so here I am still practicing 8 treasures locally, and learning from David to become an instructor. The Medical Qigong is beneficial for the whole being, and it brings me the sense of stillness, calms me down, or wakes me up when I need the energy for work or any other mental, or physical task. 

The fact that the course is online, it will not bring me recognition for Continuous Education within my country, but what I really want is learning and training so that I can provide more options for my clients to live healthier, more balanced lives. 

The videos were explained in detail, depth, with a lot of additional information from David, and I printed out the booklet as well.

I was able to train with the participants on the screen, completely absorbed, and I stopped the video whenever I needed to write down what I just heard from David. 

I’ve done the whole intensive from the comfort of my home. Yes, it took me a few morning hours, but it was well worth the money and effort. I look forward to continue training and learning more from Qigong Awareness. The follow up was extremely accurate and fast. The test and questionnaires at the end were well prepared and they made me revise quite a bit before I could reply. It means that they make sure for a participant off-site to retain the important knowledge. Thank you for this wonderful journey!"

Anita Korinsek Porta, MA Mental Health Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Hypnotist, NLP - Nyon, Switzerland



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