Distance Healing Program - One Month

$ 99.00


This Long Distance Healing Program is offered monthly.

$99 - One Full Month of Healing                  

Distance Healing Sessions occur once a week on Wednesday evenings 6-7 PM Eastern Time..

David offers a monthly program of concentrated long distance Medical Qigong Healing Sessions to those desiring greater health, energy and vitality. Long Distance Qi transmissions will be directed to the auric field, chakras and meridians to balance, revitalize and awaken the body’s own ability to heal itself.

The most beneficial way to receive the healing energy is to be in a state of rest during the one hour session time. Participants will still benefit even if they are in an active state during these healing sessions.

These healing sessions are designed to increase momentum over the course of the month. Each session building on the next…

In the process of healing these energy dynamics a client's physical body may go through a series of unwinding and release type movements, including, yawning, swallowing and deep breaths. David will guide this entire process including grounding the individual at the close of the hour.

Disclaimer: Medical Qigong is a form of alternative medicine and is in no way a replacement for Western Medical Treatment. We do not diagnose or treat health conditions. We rather support the body's ability to heal itself. Please consult your physician regarding any health conditions.

Once you have paid, please send an email to: qigongawareness@gmail.com with your name and any additional person or pet’s name who will be receiving healings.
Be sure to add in subject line of email: Distance Healing Program.

Your healing will start at the beginning of the first full month. If you need healing sooner please email us at qigongawareness@gmail.com for private long distance healing.

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