Private Healing and Life Coaching Session via Phone or Skype (1 hr)

$ 300.00


This Private Healing and Life Coaching Session via Phone or Skype is 1 hour in length and is with Medical Qigong Master, David J Coon.

One private healing and life coaching session is typically 60 minutes in length. These sessions are different than the Medical Qigong Healing Sessions David offers in person at his Wilmington, NC location.

In the Medical Qigong sessions a person is lying on a massage table and there is a body centered session unfolding. With these healing and coaching sessions David is communicating with clients via phone, Skype or in person at a Cafe. He is communicating with a person and their energy system but this type of session can be done from long distances. It can be done over the phone. A person does not need to lie down, there is no table needed.

David also offers more extensive personalized healing and life coaching programs. Please inquire. Feel free to read testimonials above and below to get a feel for the different kinds of sessions David offers.

David offers the majority of his private coaching sessions via Skype and telephone as well as some cafe meetings and sessions at a client's place of business.

David has Private Coaching clients from around the world. These clients range from best selling authors to university professors to professional therapists, to television and Hollywood producers, movie makers, and business entrepreneurs. Many have been clients of David's for over ten years.

David also specializes in working with conscious women who are going through radical change (in part) due to divorce.

Session Rate (1 hr): $300.

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